What to Expect

We provide personalized hearing care to all individuals to determine whether they have hearing loss or if they may be in need of hearing aid solutions. Your appointment with a hearing care professional will involve a hearing screening and an expert consultation to discuss the evaluation results. Your dedicated hearing professional will discuss your hearing health, help you understand what degree of hearing loss may exist for you, and discuss possible treatment solutions.

Below is what you may typically expect at your hearing appointment:

Hearing Screening

Your hearing care professional will examine and test your ears with the latest standard-of-care methods and technology. Test results will be illustrated and presented on a graph, known as an audiogram. Your hearing professional will review your audiogram results with you, as well as explain the cause of your hearing concerns, the type of hearing loss, and the level of hearing loss, if any exists.

Lifestyle Discussion

This step in the consultation is extremely crucial for your hearing professional to understanding you and your lifestyle. Although they will learn a lot from your audiogram results, no two people with similar hearing test results are the same. Expect your hearing care professional to ask several hearing related questions, as well as questions that pertain to your lifestyle wants and needs. You’ll be asked about the places and listening environments you frequent in order to determine what range of sound settings and technological features fit your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Options

Your hearing professional will show you the hearing aids that are designed for your level of hearing loss and lifestyle, as well as your preferences for size and color. They will be able to determine what style of hearing aid may be more appropriate for you – a standard hearing aid (a Receiver-in-Canal or Behind-the-Ear) or a custom hearing aid (one that is modeled off of the anatomy of your ear canal). They may also demonstrate the hearing aid’s capabilities.

Budget Discussion

Your hearing professional will help you determine which hearing aids are appropriate for you based on the features that meet your lifestyle wants and needs. The cost of hearing aids will vary depending on the specific model and features, and how effective it is in various noise environments. You’ll also discuss insurance and financing options, if applicable.

Hearing tests should be performed annually. Here at Preferred Hearing Aid Center we know that hearing is such a critical aspect of your everyday life – including your career, relationships, physical and mental health, and more — so it’s important to be proactive, thorough, and treat any hearing loss before it turns into something bigger. Call us to schedule your hearing test and consultation today!

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Ms.Stephanie Holmes, on Google

Polite, efficient, very pleased with visit

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Julie Lepisto, on Google

Excellant customer service and extensive product knowledge

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Brian Avery, on Google

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Frank Prebeck, on Google

Very helpful, good lusteners.

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Denny, on Google

From from the first appointment to the fitting of my hearing aids this company was excellent. Very professional with great customer service. I especially like that I talk to a person every time I called and not a machine. I would recommend this hearing aid provider to everyone.

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Sue Sterling, on Google

Great service. I was able to get an appointment right away. Very friendly and kind. Helped me save thousands of dollars by repairing old hearing aid. This really helped me as my wife and I are seniors on a fixed income.

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Bill Lewis, on Google

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Jim Brandon, on Google

It was a very pleasant experience; very professional and sensitive toward my needs. Could not hope for any better

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gladys white, on Google

Very good Very professional and helpful Look forward additional appointments and service

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dianna nelson, on Google

Great service listened to what I had to say. Didn't try to push me with a hearing aid I would not be happy with.

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Shari Birch, on Google

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Gail Bergman, on Google

Very easy to talk to and explained things well

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Cindy Lawrence, on Google

Informed of family history regarding the business. Very detailed information regarding new hearing ads. Took time for questions. Patient and friendly. Christian did an excellent job, and continues to do so with follow-ups!

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chris larson, on Google

Christian was personable and friendly while being very professional. He answered all my questions and helped me make the right decision for my needs

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Kelly Thro, on Google

Fast, friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. Great service.

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Lynn Gagne, on Google

Excellent service

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Stuart Maki, on Google

The entire process from initial testing to choosing the hearing aids to picking them up was quick and easy. Christian is very knowledgeable and friendly. He explained the parameters of my hearing loss in an easy to understand way. When picking up the hearing aids he programmed them to fit...

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Roland Henkel, on Google

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Audrey Powers, on Google

Jousha made me feel comfortable and at ease concerning my need of hearing aids. He took plenty of time to answer all my questions and showed me what a change it made to have hearing aids. At first I was a little depressed about needing them but now I’m looking...

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Patty Ingberg, on Google

This center offers outstanding customer service. My dad has medical limitations that sometimes make travel difficult. Joshua Heldt was so accommodating and understanding and helped us work out a way to limit our travel and still receive a high-quality product and the personalized care that my dad needed. Helping an...

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S L, on Google

Polite and helpful.

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Laura Eichstadt, on Google

Great, friendly, answered all my questions. Easy, quick in for appt right on time. Excited to know they have my back covered. Full service, one stop shopping, repairs. Etc Thank you, glad they are close by too.

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Molly, on Google

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Linda Petrie, on Google

So far so good but I just got my first set of hearing aids there. Time will tell.

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Paulette Nuetzel, on Google